This unique 2D top-down RPG will teach you how to read notes. Use this knowledge to progress through levels! Solve puzzles, find secrets and fight bosses! Will you be able to use the power of music and harmonies to return peace between Elves and Orcs?

MovementW, A, S, DArrow keys

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Game created by: https://antonio-sule.itch.io/ (me)

Colour palette - Crimson by https://itch.io/profile/wildleoknight

Inspiration for cutscene art: https://lospec.com/rhoq


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I registered just to give you a comment, I like the game a lot,
I would love to see more levels,
I personally like this art style (pixels) and loved the background music, t he boss was easier, I never understood music notes, and this game presented itself as a small learning course more and as game, I was reminded with the quote "games are challenges that a player should learn a skill to accomplish" and when I finished this challenge I learned how to read notes.

Thank you very much for the kind words and feedback. I am glad you liked the game! I am sure to make this game bigger in the future!


I like the game becose the puzles are really well made and they prepare you for the boss fight quite well!! But the artstyle is quite lacking in cutscenes and there is some inconsistency in the animations. but I understand that this is just a demo and that you will probably improve and fix later on. So keep on going man!!


Thank you for the constructive critisicm! I will surely fix this in the future!


This game has so much potential! I loved the boss fight with the puzzla and skill based part! I would love to see more story and in general more of this game, maybe other scales for other episodes/bosses or something. Overall, just a great game, loved it! 

Thank you very much for the feedback! I would love to turn this project into something bigger and cover more of the story!


Perfect game. I didn't know there are so many tones. Excellent.

Hahaha thank you!


Very cool and educating, loved it! :)


Thank you! :)